Hello, it’s me…

Good morning sunshine, the earth says Hello! Lol that’s not my life mantra but sometimes I wish it was. Just as I am the last one to write one of these “about me” schpiels, I am also the last of the Little {Mantooth} Women. So hey, it’s me, Maureen! You can also call me Mo, as most people choose to, and I am a whopping 20 (almost 21) years old. I was born in 1998 aka the year Google was founded which I’d like to use as my personal scapegoat for why I know so many random facts.

I’d say of us four, I have the most confusing personality because as an elementary kiddo, I was bubbly, loved magic tricks, and was kind of a people person but fast forward to now and I am a reserved/kinda reclusive, quirky, silly person who doesn’t really like people. Course going a few rounds in the ring with depression tends to change a few things about a person. On the Myers Briggs scale I come in as an INFJ who is 97% introverted (I know scarily close to the sociopathic level of 100) which means my personality is very complex and very rare – only 1% of the world kind of rare. On the Enneagram test I come in at a 6, with 1, 5, and 9 following not too far behind. [Do with this information what you will, since I know you were all just dying to know my MB type and Enneagram numbers lol] Do yourself a favor and don’t try to guess how I am feeling because trust me, it’s exhausting even for me; it’s better just to ask me straight up and even then it might be a complicated answer.

I mean that form is on point, no?

As for what I enjoy in life, well I love looking up the most random things ever, reading, watching ALL the movies, anything related to music (writing it, playing it, listening to it), calligraphy – my pen collection is extensive/borderline embarrassing, cross stitch, painting/drawing, doing hair, hiking, traveling, and driving. Some of my other interests which are less hobbies and more lifestyle include Minimalism and Hygge (hoo-ga). While I won’t get into the details of what those are exactly right now, lets just say they make my heart very happy. Basically I’m a pin ball machine when it comes to my interests because they are kind of all over the place, although the common factor is that most of them can be done alone lol.

So how did all those interests culminate into a double major in geography and earth science with a geospatial certificate? Lord only knows.

When I’m not pulling my hair out because of school, you can usually find me in one of five places – 1) chilling in my immaculately kept room. 2) at a bible study, 3) watching movies with Jared, 4) working with little kiddos, teaching them about our great God and all that He has done for us, or 5) hanging out with the coolest parents in the world.

Anywho….I think I’ve rambled long enough so TTFN!

  • p.s.- go Red Sox!
  • p.p.s – if you get the last reference (TTFN), we can be friends

*Song of the Day: Mr Blue Sky by ELO*

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