Laura MS

Hello everyone! I am the middle daughter, and am currently 24 years old. I was actually the one that instigated this blog, when a friend of mine (thanks Kelsi) mentioned that I should start a blog so that people could keep up with me while I was in medical school. However, I knew that medical school would keep me pretty busy, so I thought it might be a better plan to share this blog with my family, so that we can post more often and keep up with each other more closely as our lives spread out.

Last spring I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a minor in Mathematics from the University of Arkansas, and in August I will be starting at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences to become a physician. I took a year off from school because I got married to my husband David, and he is finishing up his Computer Science degree at the University of Arkansas. In my year off from school, I have been working as a Collections and Customer Service Representative for Washington Regional Medical Center, which has been an amazing and really helpful experience. I have the best and nicest coworkers there, and will miss them when I move down to Little Rock.

Most of the posts that you see from me will either have to do with medical school or baking/cooking. I absolutely love to experiment in the kitchen, so I will post some of my favorite recipes that I try out (spoiler: most of them will not be my own unique creation, but I’ll share the link for the original recipe). I also will share some musings from my Bible Study every once in a while, as I hope it will be a grounding force for me as a study my way through school.

Another thing that I love is to travel. Although I’m wrapping up the time in my life where I will be traveling very often, I will still share some of my travel stories from the past as they are requested, as well as my smaller trips to see family. Please comment down below with any suggestions for posts for the blog, and thanks for checking it out!

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