Hi, I’m Mary Lynn (or ML), the mom of the other three bloggers here, and the smallest of all of us “Little Women”. All of my girls became taller than me by the time they were 12 – not that any of them are tall, but they’re taller than me. When I married my college sweetheart, Alan, 32 years ago, he promised me a life of adventure. He surely delivered. We have lived in Atlanta, where he received a Ph.D. from Georgia Tech, and in Hillsboro, Oregon where he worked for a startup software company for 8 years. While we were in the Pacific Northwest, all three of our daughters were born – our Little Women. We loved our years there, exploring the great outdoors, camping, hiking, skiing, and going to the beach. In 1998, 6 months after the birth of our youngest daughter, we had the opportunity to return to our home state of Arkansas. We have continued our exploration of our surroundings, here in the beautiful Ozarks. We enjoy hiking and canoeing in the nearby hills. Every summer, we take it a little further abroad, and spend a couple of weeks in the Rockies of Colorado. Alan’s career as a professor at the University of Arkansas has allowed us to travel the world as well. Alan himself has been to every continent except Antarctica. So far, I have accompanied him to Europe (many times now), Australia, and Africa, and of course, all over the States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

I’m thrilled that my girls invited me to be a part of this blog. Alan and I have been so blessed by these girls. They were hard-wired with great personalities and intellect, and I count myself fortunate to have them in my life, and to call them “mine”. They make me proud every day.

In addition to traveling and exploring new places, I enjoy hiking and reading and spending time with my family. I grew up in a close-knit family as well, and know many of my extended family members. We are a family of story-tellers, and I hope to share many of our fun stories here.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless….then turns you into a storyteller” Ibn Battuta

(this may or may not be accurate or even attributable to Ibn Battuta, but is so true!)

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