This weekend we’ll celebrate the beginning of the marriage of Deanna and Daniel with a fun, family day. It’s only been 11 months since Laura and David got married. Several people have said to me, “what were you thinking?!”, but it’s not my decision. It was the right time for each of these couples to get married. We, as their parents, were happy to host a special day for them. Some good things from one following the other so closely: we knew who we wanted to hire to take the photos, make the cake, do the flowers, etc. The venues will be different, and the styles of wedding will be different. Some commonalities from them both: lots of family in attendance, good food, fun times, and lots of love.

Some of my friends have joked that I need to start a wedding consultation business: “Three Daughters Wedding Consultants”. But, I’m not sure how successful it would be because here is my whole philosophy: you need a bride, a groom, and an officiant; everything else is icing on the proverbial wedding cake. You can do anything you want to. Wear what you want to, invite whomever you want to, have the ceremony wherever you want to. Basically, have your special day reflect you, and above all else – HAVE FUN – both with the planning, and with the day. After all, it’s a celebration. Yes, it’s a formal, important rite of passage that needs to be marked. You are, after all, changing your status, and starting a new life with the most important person in your life. We, as Christians, choose to have a religious ceremony, marking the sacred bond that is beginning. After that ceremony celebrate with those most important to you. That celebration can be a five-course meal followed by all-night dancing to a live band, or cake and mints and punch in a church hall, or a hamburger cookout, or a beach clambake….or anything in between. You can spend $1000, or $500,000, whatever you’re comfortable with. You can invite 10 people, or you can invite 500. At the end of the day, no matter how you celebrate, how much you spend, the important thing is that a new marriage has begun. There really aren’t any rules. Basically, again, have fun!

So, now that we’re a few days out from wedding #2, I’ve started another walk down memory lane. We’ve been remembering Deanna’s childhood and teen years. The funny times, the exhausting times, the trying times, the proud times, but of course, love was present all of those times. I’ve been looking through old photos, laughing a bit, crying a bit. I know that it’s going to be a fun wedding day, it will be a beautiful ceremony and a fun reception. We are looking forward to some special out-of-town family coming in, and will miss some important family members and friends who can’t make it.

And, yes, I have a third daughter…..I’ll be walking down this unique and emotional memory lane for a third time sometime in the future…..

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