365 Days of Marriage

We have reached our first major milestone in marriage, which is our 1-year anniversary! It seems almost trivial compared to the length of some of the marriages in our families, but it is still an exciting marker to reach.

365 days doesn’t seem like a long time in some respects, but a lot of things can change in that amount of time. We have gained a niece, I’ve lost an uncle, and we’ve made far more car repairs than we ever wanted to in the past year. We’ve had the joy of going to several weddings (one of which was yesterday!), and seeing those friends make the same commitment we did, which was to not only love each other, but to take care of each other, and to continually lead each other closer to Christ so that we might glorify Him through our marriage, as that was it’s original intent.

Even though we didn’t live together before we got married, we didn’t really struggle with making the transition, due to both of us being pretty laid-back people. It was also made easier by the fact that we are both messy, which we quickly discovered. Our way of getting past that obstacle was to set up a day each week that we would both spend cleaning, which we have (mostly) stuck to! Other than that, living with my best friend has been pretty great. I love getting to see him at both ends of the day, and getting to share all of the details of our days. As an introvert, he loves that he can come home and not have to go anywhere or see anyone else aside from me.

Looking back over the past year, things we have both realized that we need to continue to work on are being even tidier, and actively pursuing Christ. This year we let other things take first place, and even though our marriage didn’t necessarily suffer, I don’t feel like it did an even close job of really representing Christ and the church; we hope to change that as we move forward.

I have absolutely loved the last 365 days of my life with my best friend, and I can’t wait to continue into forever as his wife!


One thought on “365 Days of Marriage

  1. Happy 1st Anniversary, Laura and David! So love walking along beside you both in so many, many years to come. Lots of love, Betsy and Tom


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