A Celebration of Friendship

My whole life, I have endeavored to value the people in my life while they are in my life. This was an approach instilled in me by my parents, as they have both lost siblings, and know the importance of treasuring those around you. And while that treasuring certainly includes family members, it also includes friends. And I have had some amazing ones through the years.

I was never someone to have a giant group of friends, but I definitely was lucky to have a core handful of girls around me at all times. That group has certainly changed as I have grown, but it’s fair to say that if someone was ever a core friend of mine, I still consider them to be a friend for life, even if we naturally grew apart as our lives went in different directions. And as I’m sure some people have heard me say, I consider my central group of friends my “soul sisters”, because I become genuinely invested in their well-being and want only the best for them, and as such, they are knitted into my soul.

Four years ago today, one of those soul sisters left this earth for a much better place. I will not forget this day as long as I live. I can remember almost every moment from that week, as I tried to process what had happened, and how on earth I would ever recover. The moment that I found out that she was gone, it felt like someone had just ripped out a piece of my soul, and pushed me off of a cliff. It wasn’t until the funeral a week later that I hit the ground, and the real grief began. Every conversation we had, every dance we did together, came rushing to my mind, and seeing her family in such distress was even harder, as I just wanted to take all of the pain away from them and just protect them from it all. Never in my life had I felt so much grief as I did in the following weeks. 

However, I don’t want this day to be a day of total sadness. I wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate all of the amazing friends I’ve had over the years. 

That event brought me even closer to the friends that were in my core group at the time, and even those that were older friends of mine that used to be in my core group. I have been so blessed to always be surrounded by amazing, strong, intelligent, beautiful women, and they inspire me and encourage me daily.

Whether they are old friends or new, I try to appreciate each person that comes across my path, and be as good of a friend to them as they are to me. We can never know when we will be called home, so it’s important to cherish those around us. Celebrate the people in your life, and let them know what they mean to you!

Oh and P.S. I have had guy friends as well, and I appreciate them just as much as the girl friends in my life. 🙂

One thought on “A Celebration of Friendship

  1. You stated the situation so well No one enters our life that is not ordained to do so. Some leave us better and some leave us even better because we can use EVERY situation to the glory of God. Lest we forget, we can make the next person we meet a better person because WE are Gods instrument.


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