We’re Expecting!

We – Deanna and Daniel – are expecting a baby!

Some of you may remember my blog post from last fall about my miscarriage. I am happy to announce that I have conceived again and we have survived the first trimester!

Brief recap: last summer, after my grandmother’s death, I found out I was expecting. I was pregnant for 10 weeks, when I discovered baby had no heartbeat and I had a missed miscarriage. I discovered the MMC only a few days after my husband had left on a six month deployment overseas. Thus, we couldn’t attempt conception for those six months. We resumed TTC (trying to conceive) when he returned.

If you’re struggling with getting pregnant, I highly recommend this book!

When I first suspected I might be pregnant, I decided to take a home test and see what it said. Seeing the positive test stunned me. I went downstairs where Daniel was sitting and showed him the test quietly. I called my OB first thing the next morning and made an appointment.

DPO = days past ovulation

Waiting for the scheduled appointment was torture. I just wanted to know if everything was okay. With my previous pregnancy, I was reading up on miscarriage statistics constantly, seeing how it decreased as the pregnancy progressed. None of it eased my anxiety, especially when I ultimately did miscarry. This time, I opted for a zen approach.

I was also significantly more nauseous this time. I spent many days on the couch with a Gatorade and a sleeve of Saltines. That helped with the zen approach, because I was just too exhausted and queasy to do anything else.

Sleeping is getting uncomfortable, so the pregnancy pillow is here to help!

As the pregnancy continued to progress, and especially once the 10 week mark passed, I began to get excited about having a baby, and ready to tell people. We stuck by our self-imposed rule to wait until at least 12 weeks to make the announcement.

We’ve started building our registry, and we’re open to suggestions! If there are items that you used that you think every new parent should have, leave us a recommendation in the comments!

Baby Hendrix Babylist Registry

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